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Welcome to my Home Page. Hello I am Annette.....
A Medium 'Spirit Communicator': Funeral and Wedding Celebrant: Spiritual Healer and Counsellor: Holistic Therapist, Hypnotherapist including "Transpersonal Hypnotherapy": Reiki Master/Teacher:  

I run  Development and Awareness classes held in Duffield Derby, every Monday. And Thursday evenings 7-9pm costing £7.50.

All my Meditations are Spirit Guided. My aim is to help in supporting and offering Mentorship to each of my students along their spiritual pathway. Confidence building is also included within each session. Spiritual Development is personal to each individual. As is the level of 'Gifts' Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Claircognizance. A wide range of activities are offered within each session, to 'Open' and Develop these 'Gifts'



I also offer Various monthly Workshops including Angels, Empowerment, Spiritual & Self Development: Ascension, Cosmic Beings, Dragons and The Elemental Kingdom.

By Knowing your past you can claim your future. So many of us have come across 'stumbling blocks' that hold 'you' back from 'your' true potential. As an intuitive I use Transpersonal Regression Hynotherapy to help you to find your path.  

The classes are for beginners and seasoned alike.

I feel that we are all on own own journey of development and that we all have our own ladder to
I do ask for commitment in attendance, this helps with the bonding of the class members and it helps to build the energy.

To co-inside with the weekly classes I run monthly workshops 10-3pm £35.00

These classes are designed to broaden and expand awareness.
During the workshops (we always share our food).



Weekly relaxation and meditation clases

New! Annette's meditation CD's



Hot off the press!!!!!!



New Aura Aroma sprays.....£11.95 including postage. Archangels: Michael, Rapheal, Haniel, Ariel, Sandlephon, Gabriel many more to name but a few. Angel of Xmas, Genie, Fairies, the Green man, Angel of Love, the Chakra Angel. All are made with Love, light, sound therapy and essential oils. Mark Firth and myself were divinely guided, to co produce these stunning fragrances and aromas. Just shake the bottle spray and relax and let the fragrance allow you to meditate in its glory. All the pictures are original prints from my own collection: 2018 calendars are also available to order £14.99 including postage Key rings £4.99 including postage.

Please contact me to place your order .....Many thanks and enjoy xxx

Should anyone wish to book me to run a Workshop or do a Demonstration, please contact me direct. I work all over the Uk! 

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Spirit channelled paintings cost from £40.00. All on canvas. Please ask for details



























Periodically I do a guest appearance on the wcr fm radio station. this interview takes place on a Sunday evening 8.30 onwards.